Invest in your Farm. Invest in the Future.

Making an investment on your farm can be a big decision. “Do I want to spend the money?” “Is this going to pay for itself?”… The answer is, yes!

There are many ways to make investments into farms. Darrin Plowman, small town bulldozer and excavation business owner of Plowman Earthmoving from Adair, Iowa, shares the importance of making the investments by adding terraces and waterways to farms.

“Adding terraces, waterways, or tiling means saving soil. The terraces help to hold soil in place while water drains through a pipeline at a slow rate allowing the sediment to separate itself from the running water,” Plowman stated.

Plowman has been in business for twenty-seven years and sees the long-term benefits of having components like terraces and waterways on a farm. “Having dirt work done to a field will always pay for itself,” Plowman commented. “When you don’t take care of soil, you’re ruining the potential yields and property values.”

Mature terrace
newly constructed waterway

Mature terrace (left) and newly constructed waterway (right)

AgSolver Project Zone Manager (PZM) helps farmers to recognize the areas in their fields where no profit is made. These areas may be a great place to input lines of tile, terraces, or waterways. The investment into one of those practices is an important investment worth making. If you would like to see how AgSolver Profit Zone Manager can help your farming operation, go to to see how it can help you make every acre profitable.

Low performance
Low performance area as identified by Profit Zone Manager.

The consequences of not having practices such as terraces and waterways include the wear and tear on a farmer’s equipment. When water washes through your field without anything slowing or stopping it, wash ways and small ditches will form. As farm equipment is operated in the field, the tough sections of rivets will wear on the machine, costing farmers more.

The benefits generated from terraces, tile lines, or waterways, will save you money. For example, terraces will stop the erosion of the soil. Money is saved where it was originally spent redistributing the soil throughout the field that had washed to the foot of it. The moisture can be controlled from tile lines and will not drown out crops, leading to more crop being produced. Farmer’s crops will grow better with the proper practices, resulting in better yields. The list only continues from here.

We will never get more soil on this planet. It is our duty to preserve it. Plowman says, “This isn’t only an investment for you and your land. It’s an investment for our future generations.”

Plowman Earthmoving
Plowman Earthmoving. Photo credit: The Adair News

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