Investment Focus

Early-Stage Companies

with experienced management teams and technologies

We invest in early-stage companies with experienced management teams and technologies that have the potential to disrupt and transform markets. While we are not exclusively focused on any one specific industry, our firm’s resources and capabilities are best suited for the following opportunities:

  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Ag-Tech
  • Healthcare IT
  • Network Technology
  • Scalable Mobile Applications
  • Gaming Technology
  • Web-enabled Services

The following is a list of opportunities we do not invest in:

  • Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail & Franchises
  • Oil & Gas Opportunities
  • Any deal burdened with broker fees or a complicated  investment structure

Geographically, we are focused on Texas and the Midwest, with a physical presence in Dallas and Des Moines. Generally speaking, we like to be close to our portfolio companies. However, with a compelling team and technology in place, we are open to exploring the right opportunities elsewhere.