Tom White, Phynd CEO, Recognized as Start-Up Innovator of the Year Finalist

Phynd is proud to announced that CEO and Co-Founder, Tom White, is one of four finalists for Start-Up Innovator of the Year, an award given by D CEO and Dallas Innovates, which recognizes disruptors and trailblazers, driving a new vision for North Texas.

Tom sat down with D Magazine to discuss Phynd's innovation in the healthcare industry, highlights from this past year and the bright future ahead. To read more on the D Magazine Innovators of the year, find the complete list of finalists here, or check out Tom's interview below!

ON INNOVATION: “Innovation means identifying areas of opportunity to apply information technology to improve healthcare processes. In Phynd’s case, we are healthcare’s first and only enterprise provider data platform which serves as a central hub for all data needed for a health system to run effectively. For Phynd, providers mean all their people, places and services, including telehealth. Health systems have struggled for more than 30 years to organize their clinical care assets into a single system that served consumers, providers, marketing, and operations (IT, revenue cycle, value-based care) teams. Phynd is a powerful but simple approach to help provider organizations manage these assets to make the health system run better and improve the consumer experience.”

2020 HIGHLIGHTS: “We’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve taken the raw assets of a healthcare system—people, places and services—in combination with scheduling inventory, and delivered a powerful, simple tool for consumers to purchase healthcare...I’m proud of the many new health systems that have gone live on Phynd in the past year—NewYork-Presbyterian, Cedars Sinai, USC Keck, and Ballad Health, among others—joining more than 30 of the largest and most influential health systems in the US who rely on Phynd. All are enjoying the benefits of a brand new ‘digital front door.’   

We’ve expanded our integration with systems that healthcare relies on to operate. Using Phynd Provider Search and Phynd Schedule Advisor, patients can self-schedule appointments with providers directly in an EHR.  We have also launched exciting new Phynd workflow, embedded in EHR registration and scheduling software, that lets users search for providers inside of the EHR to enroll referring providers missing in EHR. Missing providers has been an unsolved challenge for Admit-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) systems for over 30 years. We’re the first to crack the code.  We solve the issue in real-time, eliminating revenue cycle and provider communications breakdowns.   

We’ve also launched Phynd Provider Search–Web App, a plug and play version of our provider search, so digital teams can instantly replace their legacy Find a Doctor capability. This rapid-deploy provider search capability makes our offering universally accessible to health systems large and small. That’s all pretty cool to have done in just a year.”

LESSONS LEARNED: “There’s an old saying that ‘all politics is local.’ So, too, must startup leaders stick to their knitting and remain focused on the problem their products are trying to solve.  I’ve started up four companies, three in areas which I know well, and one in an area outside of my knowledge set.  You can probably guess which ones were successful and which one wasn’t. I’ve taken this lesson to heart.”

RATING DFW: “North Texas has become a fertile region for tech start-ups and is favorable to both entrepreneurs and employees. Phynd has been able to hire at a fast pace, recruiting both experienced talent and recent recruits from local colleges and universities who have strong technical and communications skills. I’m active in Health Wildcatters, which provides workspace, networking, and other nurturing support for healthcare start-ups in North Texas.  

Over 1,000 people move to Texas daily for overall quality of life as well as job prospects; not having a state income tax also helps.The downside of North Texas is that today, it lacks a structured venture capital market.  We’ve raised our professional capital rounds outside of North Texas because we had to. There are a few of our investors who are starting to build that community. I see the seeds of their effort; it will pay dividends down the road.”

LOOKING AHEAD: “Phynd has been able to help our clients awaken to their need to invest in and build out a provider data platform that serves consumers and providers. We’ve helped the industry accelerate its overall digital transformation.”

Winners of The Innovation Awards, presented by D CEO and Dallas Innovates, will be revealed at on January 21st. Stay tuned!