Current Portfolio

  • AgSolver’s cutting edge technology combined with readily available precision agriculture data and proprietary simulation tools allow farmers and land owners to make better land management decisions. This allows for increased profitability and protection on agribusinesses and land investments, as well as the ability to manage mandated sustainability and environmental workflows.

  • Averify’s analytics platform channels claims data to evaluate healthcare purchasing strategies with a single variability measurement. Reducing variability saves money. As healthcare delivery systems change, identifying where variability in cost exists is vital to properly structuring healthcare plans. The SaaS platform roadmaps purchasing decisions, unique to each employee population, for self-funded employers and their advisors.

  • Parrable's proprietary technology platform allows anonymous, deterministic identification of users wherever they travel on any device (mobile web <> app) with its persistent identifier that protects consumer privacy. Parrable utilizes a unique and patented approach not available elsewhere to enable identification, security and reputation across devices.

  • Symplr leading healthcare GRC solutions ensures safety and compliance, measures quality and performance, optimizes workforce, credentials and enrolls providers, and tracks facility access and security for healthcare organizations.

Past Investments

  • Device Fidelity is the world leader in contactless technologies for mobile devices. With an exceptional team of mobile, finance, semiconductor and RFID experts, they continue to bring new innovations to market, accelerating the universal adoption of NFC. Device Fidelity was acquired by Kili Technology in October 2014 which was then acquired by Square in March 2015.

  • Eyelation is a revolutionary eye safety platform that uses kiosks and web-based technology to simply and affordably provide prescription safety eyewear to employees at manufacturing facilities.

  • PHYND develops and operates a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables healthcare organizations to unify, manage, customize, and share essential provider information across their core IT systems to improve clinical outcomes and financial results. The company has positioned itself within the broader Healthcare IT market in a new software category called Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform.

  • Yvolver is a Loyalty as a Service (LaaS) platform for mobile game developers to increase retention, organic acquisition, engagement and monetization. It is the first company to provide a high quality, comprehensive suite of tools and services drawing from the traditional loyalty industry. Yvolver was acquired by Opera MediaWorks in August of 2015.

  • Zest Health is reinventing the way consumers understand, navigate and consume care in today’s costly, complex ecosystem. Zest’s Smart Concierge solution helps members be smart and buy better. Founded in 2013, the company is rooted in healthcare IT and consumer technology innovation. The company’s solution is sold to employers, health systems and health plans.