Investment Team

  • Michael Coppola Managing Partner
    Michael Coppola Managing Partner
    Historical Investments
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    Michael Coppola has a diverse entrepreneurial background in real estate and technology.

    He is the founder and President of Coppola Enterprises, Inc., a fully integrated residential and commercial real estate development, management, brokerage and investment firm based in Des Moines, Iowa.

    Michael is the co-founder of numerous technology companies including Datavision,, Businessolver, and He is also a managing partner and co-founder of Dallas Venture Partners in Dallas, Texas. Michael is currently a director of Datavision, Businessolver and Social Money.

    Michael has served on numerous business and community boards the past 25 years. He earned his BBA from Southern Methodist University.

  • Jim Duda Managing Partner
    Jim Duda Managing Partner
    Historical Investments

    In addition to being a managing partner with Dallas Venture Partners, Jim Duda is executive vice president of Genus Holdings, LLC, a private investment company based in Dallas, Genus has holdings in real estate, private equity, and venture capital.

    Previously, Jim spent almost a decade in Washington D.C. managing corporate events and trade shows and running a not-for-profit foundation in the travel industry. Prior to this, Jim spent several years working in early stage technology building first generation websites for Fortune 500 companies as well as co-founding a broadband application and service provider for apartment communities called Reallinx.

    Early in his career, Jim was a talent agent at International Creative Management in Los Angeles. Jim has an MBA from Duke's Fuqua School of Business and a BSJ from Medill. Some of Jim’s early investments include Zico Coconut Water, Talmer Bancorp and Phynd Technologies.

  • Advisors

  • Sean McMurray Firm Advisor
    Sean McMurray Firm Advisor

    Sean McMurray's specialty is the development and implementation of information technology platforms designed to enhance software conversion, statistical analysis and web enablement solutions.

    Sean is currently the CEO and founder of DataVision Resources — recently acquired by Equifax (NYSE: EFX). DataVision provides security and infrastructure for a variety of financial and technology related institutions — including Wells Fargo & Company, Bank of America and The Principal Financial Group.

    Previously, Sean was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SmartyPig and was principally responsible for managing the integration with SmartyPig partner banks. This included satisfying all regulatory and compliance issues, monitoring risk and security during and post integration, designing accounting and tax solutions on the financial aspects of SmartyPig, and managing training and interaction between SmartyPig and the partner bank.

    Sean received his B.A. in business administration from Iowa State University.

  • Jeff Prince Firm Advisor
    Jeff Prince Firm Advisor

    Jeff is a serial entrepreneur whose focus has been on systems companies that serve the networking industry. He has co-founded 3 Silicon Valley venture-funded companies and transitioned them into enterprises where he led large engineering teams tasked with delivering complex networking systems into highly competitive market environments.

    Jeff’s first start-up was Centillion Networks - an innovative company that brought ATM switching into mainstream carrier and enterprise Ethernet networks. Centillion Networks was purchased by Bay Networks in 1995 and eventually became a $1 billion/year product line revenue source for its acquirer.

    In 1996, Jeff co-founded Foundry Networks and developed a next generation LAN switching platform to fuel the explosive growth in Internet bandwidth. In just under 4 years, Foundry Networks filed for an initial public offering and became the third highest IPO in NASDAQ history with a peak valuation of $22bn. Foundry was eventually purchased by Brocade in 2009.

    In 2004, Jeff co-founded ConSentry Networks where he helped create a new class of Ethernet switching technology which enables businesses to protect and track corporate assets and adhere to government and regulatory requirements.

    Jeff is a named inventor on 14 technology patents related to networking and custom silicon and has designed and developed 16 custom ASIC chip designs from concept to working silicon. He is currently the Managing Partner at Prince Ventures, where his focus is on technology investments and related businesses. Jeff attended Chico State University in Northern California and received a BS degree in Computer Engineering. His primary hobby is his 6 children.